Zoar Ridge Rescues

Mission Statement: Zoar Ridge Rescue is a small volunteer based rescue that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of horses and ponies in need. We assist in situations of neglect, starvation, abuse and threat of slaughter. We work with local authorities, animal welfare organizations and other rescues to secure a safe and secure refuge for abused, neglected and unwanted horses.

We are dedicated to educating the public through our youth horsemanship programs informing children about welfare and humane responsibility in the treatment of horses.

It is only through your support and donations that we are able to save rehabilitate and place up for adoption horse needing a second chance in life. Often when owners are no longer able to care for their horses, the outcome is bleak. Whether it is due to financial reasons, lack of time, or lack of interest, the horse suffers until it dies or is sent to auction. At auction a horse may endure terrible hardship and is more often than not, sold for slaughter. Through your financial support we can �bail� these horse from the kill pen and find them new homes. Please consider making a donation today.

Our History

We have always opened our barn doors to horses needing homes. Over the past few years this has expanded to rescuing horses from neglect and the slaughter yards. The overwhelming number of unwanted horses going to the kill pens at local auctions has motivated us to making horse adoptions as a permanent part of our farm. We rely on volunteers, sponsors and donations to help make this possible!

Success Story #1: Sweet Naomi

Sweet Naomi- a strikingly, beautiful 8 yr. old Andalusian cross- came to us in March 2011. We pulled her from a N.J. kill pen auction, and in her last weeks of pregnancy; stress has caused a negative energy balance, low white blood cells and spiked triglycerides- A very sick girl. She spent weeks not being able to eat any solid food. She was fed 3x a day by a nasal feeding tube and a constant I.V. drip. Naomi was also on 3 different rounds of antibiotics in this time. Some of which may have caused other complications. At this point, the chances of her recovering from this were very slim.

Available for Adoption

This is Cricket - he is now available for adoption. 12 Year 12.2 hand - Pony. See him in action below.


Merlin was also pulled from a N.J. kill pen Auction. We rescued him in the beginning of July 2010. He is a loveable, handsome, 15 hh Palomino.


Magic was rescued from the same N.J. killpen, around the same time as our buddy Merlin. They completed QT together and became quick pals. Our friend Magic is a lovely, 15 hh, flea-bitten grey. He started under saddle in the fall of 2010 as well, and was awesome in English or Western tack!

Horses Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption: Oliver
Available for Adoption: Oliver

Coming 3yr. 13h. Haflinger gelding

Adoption fee $350

Oliver was bailed on May 4, 2011 (photo date is a misprint) by a generous individual who donated him to our rescue for placement. He fast became a favorite of all the volunteers for his lighthearted disposition and affectionate nature.

He has completed quarantine. I don�t believe he has had any training prior to coming to our farm. However, he is a quick learner and has accepted being cross tied, saddled and taking the bit. He is a joy to work with, and always eager to please. I plan to wait to back him until the end of summer, since he is still so young. Adoption fee: $500

Available for Adoption: Ginger
Available for Adoption: Ginger

16.1h 18yr Warmblood Mare

Adoption fee $800

A wonderful, educated warmblood mare with no vices and a sweet loving personality. Rescued from the �kill pen� of Camelot Auctions in New Jersey; Ginger was a case of starvation and neglect. We believe she had been a show horse, retired to be a brood mare, only to be forgotten when her foaling years were over. She does have some conformation issues that should limit her to only flat work, but she has a fantastic canter and big stride that makes her a joy to ride.

Available for Adoption: Grace
Available for Adoption: Grace

15h Bay 12yr. old TB Mare

Adoption fee $750

Grace was rescued and brought to Zoar Ridge in February of 2011. She was part of a herd of starved TB brood mares confiscated in New Jersey. Of the 15 horses seized, only 8 have survived. Some died on the trailer as they were removed from the farm, others of starvation syndrome, others still from pneumonia or other infections that their systems were too weak to fight off. Grace was, by far, the thinnest horse I had ever seen still alive. Grace was too weak to leave her stall. Too weak to go for walks or have turn-out. I feared she wouldn�t survive, very few horses with less than 50% their body mass do. Yet she greeted me every day. Initially fed only handfuls of grain, her eyes were bright and she was kind.

In April, her weight gaining steadily, she got a much needed clip! She continued to impress us with her kind demeanor and consistent improvement.

Memorial Day weekend and it was time to start Grace under saddle. She had been pasture sound and well behaved on the lunge line. Grace proved true to her name. She has a lovely hunter frame. Although her muscle needs to increase, she was quiet and respectful of the aids. This mare will make a wonderful horse for someone looking for a best friend.


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